I'm Liking $INTC Here More than Jan. 21

Here are my Daily, Weekly, and Monthly charts for $INTC.

Some weeks ago on this board I posted $INTC charts and talked about patiently waiting for a breakout. That breakout never took place, and there was further breakdown. I’m all for being able to buy cheaper shares.

I’ve drawn a newer longer down trendline on the daily and I’ll start nibbling on a breakout next week should it take place.

I’ll add on a close above the 20 EMA and more on a bullish 20 x 50 crossover.

Trendlines will be re-drawn on any new uptrend.

Charts: https://twitter.com/peregreine/status/1489832114845630468

Direct newslink from that thread showing the big plans Intel’s CEO, Pal Gelsinger, has for what he’s calling “The Silicon Heartland.”


Intel Corp. announced on Friday plans to invest more than $20 billion to build the world’s largest chip-manufacturing site in Ohio as part of is effort to reduce supply-chain problems and boost critical American industry.

The announcement confirms a Time report out Thursday night of the chip maker’s plans to build at least two chip fabrication plants at a 1,000-acre site in New Albany, Ohio, outside Columbus.

“Our expectation is that this becomes the largest silicon manufacturing location on the planet,” Intel Chief Executive Pal Gelsinger told Time. “We helped to establish the Silicon Valley, now we’re going to do the Silicon Heartland.”