Immuno-oncology companies

There are several IO companies: KITE, JUNO, BLUE.

The first acquisition (GILD buying KITE) is happening.

These IO companies are and will change the way cancer is treated. Since oncology is an essential piece of many (most) large biopharma companies and since there are not that many IO companies, JUNO and BLUE will become acquisition targets. I think the prices of these companies will now be bid up in part because IO may be consider a long term threat to any biopharma with a large oncology franchise. JUNO is up 15% is premarket trading presumably because GILD is buying KITE. CELG has a partnership with JUNO and I don’t think there is any way that CELG would let someone else buy out JUNO. I’m in the early stages of analyzing JUNO and I’ve done a little work on that already. I suspect that JUNO has the best IO program among the IO companies. Last week I opened a position and I just added more shares in premarket trading. I will probably decide to use much of my KITE proceeds to buy more JUNO.



and where do you think investors are going to put their KITE proceeds…

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Add Cellectis (CLLS) to the list of CAR-T companies. It is now up 11% in sympathy move. KITE acquisition will prove to be good for the entire sector, if only by way of increased visibility and investor awareness.