In praise of boring stocks

This is the current “front page” article on…

It reminds me that I’m happy that several of my stocks don’t need much checking - they grow steadily, and are mostly in “boring” businesses, companies like Kroger, Deluxe, Greenbriar, and Nasdaq.

Argan was in that category until it made a sudden leap, so it’s no longer as boring as I would like. Sometimes I think I’m the “George Costanza of stocks” - if I sell it, it will keep going up, but if I hold it, it will of course go down.


I, too, am a huge fan of boring stocks. So much so that my portfolio is, with one enormous family-related exception, downright main street Americana. So far this year, it’s been quite helpful, as I am looking at a 14% gain in the last year. When there was all the buzz and noise about stocks a few weeks ago, I thought perhaps I should check to make sure I still have a portfolio. Since it had been about three months since I’d last taken a look, I was pleased to see that my stocks are generally up since then, and at a pretty good pace.

ThyPeace, notes that the enormous family-related exception has a lot to do with how far things are up for her. Investment lesson learned there? Pick your parents for their ability to build a business and then listen to their advice about that business.