In Praise of Urban Floodwaters

{{ “You should never bathe in stagnant bodies of water that once had a connection to the sea. You never know if sharks are living there,” he said, although people in urban areas may not need to worry, as urban floodwaters are often too toxic to sustain marine life. }}



Lot’s of ducks in our lake by the 14th hole but no sharks. Also lots of my errant golf balls unfortunately.

Ever done one of these with a duck?

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I was shocked about four years ago. I did that with my car. A cloud of feathers went up. Sad.

Yup. Was driving down I-69 toward Fort Wayne, when a pheasant tried to fly, too low, across the highway. Explosion of feathers at the front, left, corner of the car.

Dave Winfield was involved in a bird/baseball collision some years ago.

Was it called strike, ball, or “do over” (I thought that last call was only for my old side lot neighborhood games so as to deal with dogs, summoning mothers, and etc)?

david fb

No, but you should have seen what I did to a squirrel when I hit a low worm burner. Poor guy never knew what hit him.

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