INBK purchase

I tried to buy more INBK last night, would have been my 3rd purchase. This time, ETRADE would not take the order online. Had to drive in and get to my land line (remember those?) and call customer service. The boiler plate response to my “why not” message to ETRADE said "Currently, all orders on this security require that instructions be provided over a recorded telephone line. Reasons for such a requirement are varied, but may be due to a reorganization or other corporate action that has not been fully disclosed. To place an order on this security, please call customer service at your convenience. You can then speak with a licensed broker who will place the order on your behalf.

This is a requirement for which we cannot make exceptions. Otherwise, we would be compromising our…"

Does anyone have any insight on this event?

One gets nervous these days…



I have no idea why. The exact same thing happened to me.


Hi KC, as of 9:40 this morning there’s no news, either positive or negative, no major move in the stock (18 cents), and no particular volume (1000 shares total), so maybe ETrade is just being careful.