Income Limits for Energy Efficiency Rebates Higher Than I Thought

It seems that the income limits for the Energy Efficiency Tax Credits and Rebates isn’t based on your state’s median household income. It’s based on the census tract which varies more widely based on income. If you live in a wealthy area, the maximum income to qualify for the $8,000 rebate is a lot higher. As I learned during a United Way meeting when I worked for a Fortune 500 company in Louisiana, “It’s not welfare if rich white people are getting the benefit”. {lol}

For example, WA State’s Median household income is $77,000/yr. – 80% of that is $61,600/yr.

I live in a relatively high income area with the median household income over $100,000/yr. The 80% limit is $85,200 per year. In Bill Gates’ neighborhood on Mercer Island in Seattle you can still get the $8,000 rebate with an income of just short of $100,000/yr.

I always look to the junior Senator from Utah for guidance and inspiration on tax deduction matters. If you can feel all Christian and patriotic while getting tens of millions of dollars in tax deductions to screw middle-class workers out of their jobs, pensions and health insurance during a 20-year career as a corporate asset stripper and jobs outsourcer, you can feel equally patriotic getting a $10,000 refundable tax credit on your Obamacare premium, or $8,000 on a new HVAC system.