Income Stagnation Screwing Top 10%

… big raises only go to the 1%. The further you get from wage & salary toil, the better you do.

$150,000/yr to count pills from the big bottle into the little one used to be a good job.

How Pharmacy Work Stopped Being So Great…

“I was stressed all day long about giving immunizations,” said Amanda Poole, who left her job as a pharmacist at a CVS in Tuscaloosa, Ala., in June. “I’d look at patients and say to them, ‘I’d love to fill your prescriptions today, but there’s no way I can.’”

Yet pay for pharmacists, who typically spend six or seven years after high school working toward their professional degree, fell nearly 5 percent last year after adjusting for inflation. Dr. Poole said her pay, about $65 per hour, did not increase in more than four years — first at an independent pharmacy, then at CVS.