White collar workers (pharmacists here) adopting blue collar tactics


A “thought leader” if you can call it thought just said, “a strike won’t make a damned bit of difference”.

I guess the thought-leader is coming for people’s jobs.

Take away the hamburgers…

The rule at RS was three unexcused absences in a row was a voluntary quit, ie, no unemployment.

CVS is required to have a licensed pharmacist on duty in the pharmacy or no prescriptions can be filled. The pharmacists are in a different bargaining position from a lot of workers. Without them CVS is just another convenience store that can sell liquor.


Our CVS can’t sell liquor nor lottery tickets. The property is leased by a Baptist university.

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In North Carolina, neither convenience stores nor pharmacies can sell liquor.
Liquor must be bought from a government store.
Apparently, freedom just goes so far…


So without a pharmacy it’s competing with a $ store.

So NC is UT with trees and water.