Industrial robots

especially automotive…

Have they reached the tipping point, with Tesla being the leader? I imagine the gigafactory is going to be packed with robots.

Every political or economic factor that makes labor more expensive is being met with ever better robots. Productivity will continue to increase, more goods being made by fewer people. And more robots. The mechanical part of robots is improving at an incremental pace but the computer control should go a lot faster,…

China has just 30 robots per 10,000 workers employed in manufacturing industries, compared with 437 in South Korea, 323 in Japan, 282 in Germany and 152 in the United States.

Apparently the US is way behind other developed countries. Both in use of robots and in making the robots.


the presentation video on robotics includes 3 DP , which I have never thought of as robotic.

Speaking of robots I recently purchased my third Roomba vacuum robot. The first two, purchased several years ago, died mostly because of imperfect seals that allowed fine dust and hair to clog up the parts. Factory service was almost non existent…The new one has a far more powerful battery and modular design allowing component replacement.

I have already wasted a lot of money on early models. But I hate vacuuming,and the Rumba really works so time will tell if they have fixed flawed implementation of a basically brilliant design. Maybe they just can’t build a durable product at that price.


Speaking of robots I recently purchased my third Roomba vacuum robot.

What model did you get?


the Costco version has enough extra goodies on it that it made it worthwhile to join Costco. Especially the larger capacity battery.

BTW a 2x4 works to stop it from going places you don’t want it a lot cheaper than extra Virtual Walls.

I hate vacuuming but strangely don’t mind cleaning out the Roomba bin. And it needs to be cleaned often, it picks up an amazing amount of dust for such a little device.

Since you have used the Roombas, do you think the higher priced ones are that much better than the 655?…

I’m not a member of Costco. May have to check out joining.

Thank you,