Teslas up 300% in Porto

On my walk today I spotted 15 confirmed Teslas and 3 probables, I did not get a good look of their logos. Maybe they were early Teslas. Until now I had seen five Teslas once and the average was between three and four. The sampling was not quite fair as I walked past a tony marina and Sea People know a good thing when they see one. There were about five Teslas parked at the marina

Marina da Afurada

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How’s that for click bait? I might get a job with the MSM :imp:


Tesla is a very good car company. Love the product.

Fortunately I do not surf the internet while driving a car. That is a problem Elon can’t fix.

I saw a Cybertruck driving out of the parking lot when I picked up one of the kids from school today. 4th time I’ve seen one in the wild.

And I also saw one of those electric Amazon delivery trucks (made by Rivian) today. First time ever.


Yesterday I saw just one Tesla but them I was walking through less affluent areas, lots of cars but lower price ranges. The two most popular seem to be Mercedes and Toyotas. I saw a 31 year old Mercedes that looked like something out of East Germany.

A lot of strange things happening at Tesla. Giga Mexico delayed. Model Redmond production moved to Texas. RoboTaxi over mass market EV. Pruning staff. FSD v.12. A lot of tiles are falling in place making more sense out the developing mosaic.

Can you imagine a taxi that cannot hold a conversation with a human? The service provided is much more complicated than a washer-dryer or dishwasher that can be operated with a few buttons and dials. Even Siri and Alexa are not up to it. Enter:

  • Large language models
  • Grok AI.
  • Neural network based FSD
  • Nvidia AI chips and Dojo
  • Millions of cars collecting data.

This is an inflection point that warrants moving from selling automotive hardware to prioritizing Mobility as a Service (MaaS), RoboTaxis in TeslaSpeak.

A good related video (just 36 minutes for the time challenged) with relevant excepts from the Walter Isaacson Biography of Elon Musk.

It’s Wartime for Tesla (Biggest Moment in Tesla History)

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I believe that the stock will languish for a while. When Musk’s pay package is confirmed, I hope he folds XAI into Tesla.

Between Tesla and X Musk controls a huge amount of training data for AI. I do not know what XAI brings but I understand that Grok is held by XAI and that Grok is competitive with ChatGPT4. (This comes from tangental observations and is in no way an educated assessment)

From statements that Musk has made, I would expect XAI to be held outside of Tesla until Musk has a much larger controlling interest.

Further, while FSD 12 has broken the log jam in FSD deployment, and because of this Robo Taxis are now on the table, there is no business plan for Robo Taxis and FSD. However, I heard a pretty good suggestion for a business plan for FSD the other day. I gave me some courage to add to my TSLA position, although it is likely to be available at sub 140 dollars a share this month.



Starting to see significant opposition to the pay package.

Tesla and Waste

Which means, awarding back pay in this instance looks like – a gift. A sheer gift to Musk out of gratitude for his past work for Tesla.

Gifts are nice. Gifts are fine. But a gift of corporate assets with no corresponding benefit falls into the legal category of “waste.” In fact, the classic “waste” cases – there are very few, it doesn’t happen often – were sort of like this fact pattern, i.e., a board decides to award a large pay package to a founder/insider, with no plausible benefit to the firm.

Technically, waste is a kind of ultra vires act undertaken by the board that can only be ratified by a unanimous shareholder vote, rather than simply a majority vote. See Harbor Financial Partners v. Huizenga, 751 A.2d 879 (Del. Ch. 1999).

Tesla tries legal ‘Band-Aid’ to revive Musk’s huge pay deal

Ann Lipton, a corporate law professor at Tulane University, said it is unclear Tesla if can now pay Musk not for achieving future milestones, but for past performance. She said it could be considered a waste of corporate assets.

“They are saying we are essentially giving him money because we like him so much and for no other reason. That is not something you can just ratify with a majority shareholder vote,” she said.

The method and manner in which they are trying to redo this compensation would seem to leave it up to yet another shareholder legal challenge (and potentially in the same Delaware court) even if it is approved.

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How many billions has she produced in her lifetime?

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What relevance does that have to her knowledge of corporate law?

If you object to validity of something she wrote, please share. Otherwise, your response is nothing more than a logical fallacy.


Since you allude to my response, let me allude to yours.

Jacobowsky said that there are always two possibilities

  • You missed the intent of my sarcasm, or
  • You wish to deflect the intent of my sarcasm

Since it was sarcasm, the answer is “none.”


Laws are not immutable. Just because a law exists does not mean it’s a good thing. In your wonderful country there was a law that allowed people to own people. Then you people changed your mind and, after much bloodshed, scrapped that law and replaced it with other laws some of which are creating new problems. Same with liquor, Prohibition. Same with opioids. Why do you keep making new laws in Congress, in the Oval Office, and in courts if laws are so wonderful already?

Our neighbours had three mango trees planted right next to our garage. My mother and the neighbour’s wife had a running squabble over the leaves and fruit falling on the roof of the garage. The neighbour’s wife objected to us eating the fruit while my mother objected to the falling leaves. The squabble got so bad the neighbours cut down the mango trees. Lucky for us, induced by a botany class in grade school, I had planted a mango seed in our back yard and it gave fruit for years. My Mom made a wonderful Jalea de Mango…

Years later i wondered who was right in the squabble. Our Civil Code made it perfectly clear, while hanging from the tree the mangoes belonged to the neighbours, once they dropped on our roof, they were ours. This squabble must have been thousands of years old. In England these situations are governed by “Common Law” [the part of English law that is derived from custom and judicial precedent rather than statutes. Often contrasted with statutory law]. The Napoleonic Code, the base of the Venezuelan law, also makes reference to custom and precedent.

What are the customs and precedents applicable to executive pay that allow judges to determine them? It seems to me that Tesla is once again breaking new ground. Maybe it’s time to revoke some obsolete laws or interpretations thereof.

Believing blindly in legal laws is the same mistake as believing blindly in 'Science." Aristotle believed his eyes, that you had to push things to keep them moving. Newton believed the contrary, that things kept on moving uniformly until something pushed them. Newton believed that a force called gravity pushed things around. Einstein believed that gravity was not a force but the result of a curvature of space-time.

The lesson is that one can believe in the Scientific Method while not believing any particular deduction no matter how many scientists agree. The whole Catholic Church believed that the universe rotated around the earth. Millions of Catholics were wrong!

“Keep an open mind” is good advice!

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Here is an example. If we have to trust the science a large portion of Americans should be on Ozempic. Is that a good idea or is there something wrong with the science?

Dr. Bill Thomas was not enthusiastic about becoming a geriatrician but he accepted the job offer. He was appalled by how badly the elderly were treated in New York state. His first book Life Worth Living: How Someone You Love Can Still Enjoy Life in a Nursing Home - The Eden Alternative in Action Paperback – January 1, 1996 has all the details. In it Dr. Thomas talks about the Three Plagues of Nursing Homes: loneliness, helplessness, and boredom. They were treated more like prisoners than old people. The Eden Alternative managed to reduce the use of medication by creating better living conditions. Sound familiar?

The same reduction in medication can be achieved in reversing type 2 diabetes by improving the diet and other lifestyle changes. Who are the real beneficiaries of the overuse of medication? It’s not the patients. I’ve had a life long tussle with overweight that led to type 2 diabetes and lots of medications. After I retired and had more time for myself I started to research the problem and to make a long story short, by changing my diet I lost some 50 pounds and returned to near my early adult weight. Portugal reversed the process and finally I decided to pay attention to fruit and fructose. I love fruit but fructose seems to have the same effect on the liver as does alcohol. About two weeks ago I reduced fruit for breakfast and already have shed some 9 pounds. Most type 2 diabetics probably don’t really need Metformin or Ozempic but Science says they do!

The Science being the AgroIndustrial Food Complex and the HealthcareDrugIndustrial Complex. The first makes you sick and the second keeps you alive so both can continue to profit. BTW, the Insurance industry loves to get its pound of flesh.

The Shocking Truth About Ozempic & The Effects It Has On The Body | Calley Means & Tyna Moore

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