Inflation for May is dropping

Just filled up at Costco. Gas was $3.49 in April. Gas today was $3.29 a drop of almost 2%.


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That’s a drop of over 5.7%.

But starting Memorial Day, according to @steve203 it’ll go back up due to summer formulation and JC greed stuff against the proles, etc.

So it is, a mere $.16 at that.

The rise is into Memorial Day, not beyond. AFAIK

Different year, different result.

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Got that backwards: buy in January, sell around Memorial Day. I posted a couple weeks ago that the steam seemed to be coming out of the gas price ramp job, not seeing the usual daily media gas price hysteria parade, so sold for an 11% gain in about 3 1/2 months.

Of course, as always said, I have the timing precision of a $2 watch.

COP sold 5/1 @ 124.64. Today’s close $119.83

CVX sold 5/1 @ $159.67. Today’s close $161.09


CVX vague to me now but about two weeks ago some sort of deal.