INFN: A small amount of correlation gathering

Last night I did a little bit of correlation gathering. I don’t do as much of this nowadays, but will still take a peek from time to time. Here’s what I found:

First, Infinera has a metro solution microsite on LinkedIn. Microsites like these are just one element of a company’s overall marketing strategy.

As most already know, on LinkedIn you can follow just about any subject if you like. Right now their microsoite has 50 followers and the top level row shows the last 6. You can follow it too if you like and you’ll pop up as a recent follower.

What was interesting to me was an observation on one of the more recent followers:…

So, what does this mean? BT is prospective buyer. They are at least evaluating Infinera’s metro product to have one of their senior optical network designers follow the product.

That’s all I have so far.