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I need to be more time-efficient with my use of Motley Fool services. In my view, the use of video discussions among Motley Fool experts is not a time-efficient method of providing important investment information to your subscribers.

For instance, there was a recent video on important changes to the tax laws and how they will affect your subscribers. It was a 57-minute video, and even though I am a retiree, I don’t have time to watch it either live or recorded. I tried to read the written copy of the conversation, but even that was overly long.

I certainly didn’t need to read the opening remarks such as “It has been a long time since we have gotten together . . .” and other personal comments. More importantly. the back and forth commentary between participants is a very time-consuming way to convey information. Those conversations may be fun for your associates but are poor use of my time in order to obtain the information that was conveyed. The same can be said about conversations about various stocks that I would like to know more about.

Those conversations seem to be a prime method Motley Fool uses to convey investment information to your subscribers and their use seems to be ingrained in the culture of your company. That’s fine. However, I think that I am not the only subscriber who would benefit from a concise summary of the information provided in those conversations.

Since I retired four years ago, investing has become somewhat of a hobby on which I spend considerable time. With the help of Motley Fool, I have been able to more than triple my net worth. However, even I cannot spend the time necessary to extract the information embedded in the many conversation videos available from Motley Fool so I don’t think that I am getting the maximum amount of benefits from my Motley Fool subscriptions. I can’t imagine how little time is available to your subscribers who work full-time.

I think that this is a very important issue that needs to be brought to the attention of Motley Fool’s higher management. Again, in my humble opinion, a concise summary of the important points of your investment conversation videos would be very helpful to many of your subscribers. After all, what you are selling is information, and that information needs to be provided in the most efficient manner possible to those of your subscribers who don’t have the time to watch or read many hours of conversations you make available.


Cajunblazer01 -

Thanks for your comments. I’m not Motley Fool higher management, but I was a contributor on the tax law video segment, so let me try to respond to that limited point.

I appreciate the feedback regarding the video. It’s a good reminder to me to try to stay focused. I try to make the videos fun because some viewers like that, but it’s a balancing act to make sure I maximize the value of our viewers’ time.

It’s eye-opening to me to learn that the transcripts weren’t much more accessible to you. Like you, I find watching video to be less efficient than reading, but I always figured the transcript would be good enough. Now that I think about it, though, I can see how all the conversational stuff doesn’t translate well to transcripts either.

I’ll only say that much of the tax and other personal finance content from that video is also available in various regular articles on the free site. Nevertheless, I understand making a viewer do an extra search isn’t the best possible customer experience.

Thanks again for taking the time to reach out.

dan (TMF Galagan)

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Yeah, the drawback of a transcript is that it is documenting the conversation, not the message. The message is in the conversation, but you have to dig it out.

What I might suggest is looking into the Rule Your Retirement premium service, which focuses on preparing for and living in retirement from a personal finance perspective. You can get tax advise for those living in retirement as well as on many other relevant subjects.

Who notes that led by Robert Brokamp, RYR is unlike all other premium services in that it is not focused on investing but financial planning…

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