Insider Selling Crowdstrike

Should we be concerned about the share sales of CEO George Kurtz?

He made 28 sales this year. Value: $160 mio.

I understand that the insiders also sell shares, but shares worth $170 million is quite a lot. And that’s only in the first half of the year so far.

So he’s probably divested himself of 10% of his stock. If this goes on until the end of the year, he would have sold 20% of his shares in the company.

Seems a lot, doesn’t it?


So he’s got like $1.5B tied up in CRWD, still?


Yes, so it seems. It would still be unusual for him to part with 20% of his shares in just one year (if sales continue like this).

I’m just afraid it’s a bad sign.

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I wouldn’t look too much into it. It could be due to a stock trading plan and another part wanting to diversify his holdings. Holding that much of your net worth in a single company, regardless of it being yours is probably not the best idea. Also, a lot of executives vest their stock over 4 years and so they set up automatic sales to sell out of the entire vest within 4 years.