$INTC: 1 of Its New GPUS to hit 6GHZ!

Intel’s “catch-up” is accelerating.

The Verge headline: Intel says one of its 13th Gen CPUs will hit 6GHz out of the box

Sub-headline: Weeks after AMD promised 5.7GHz for its next flagship

By Jon Porter@JonPorty Sep 12, 2022, 7:03am EDT 2 comments


At least one of Intel’s forthcoming 13th-generation CPUs will be able to run at 6GHz at stock, Tom’s Hardware reports. The detail was shared in a slide onstage at Intel’s Technology Tour 2022, which also says it’ll be capable of hitting 8GHz when overclocked. Other improvements promised for this new generation, which is named Raptor Lake, include a 15 percent improvement in single-threaded performance, and a 41 percent improvement in multi-threaded performance.

Intel’s 6GHz claim is a shot across the bow at competitor AMD, which recently said that its upcoming flagship 16-core Ryzen 9 7950X will be capable of boosting up to 5.7GHz. Although raw clock speeds aren’t the be all and end all when it comes to performance, breaking the 6GHz barrier would be an important marketing win for Intel, which has been battling with a resurgent AMD in the CPU market in recent years.

$INTC Daily chart (I would like to see higher than avg. volume before purchasing calls, but yeah, this chart and the weekly give me an “alert” here:)


$INTC Weekly chart (last week’s stick ended as a perfectly shaped “hammer” on the weekly chart)


$INTC Monthly chart (within two-years the good news about America’s “chip fabs” on native soil will trumpet newer and newer milestones. I think $INTC can double within the next 3 years if I expand my Macro-Economic thoughts to “predictions” (but I’m often wrong - heh!)


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