Intel strikes $15B deal to make custom chips for Microsoft

A touch of deja vu for the one time all-powerful Wintel duo – Intel says it has signed a $15B deal to make custom chips designed by Microsoft for Microsoft use

’ The chips will use Intel’s 18A process, which has been a big part of its road map since the company brought CEO Pat Gelsinger back to turn things around. The company is counting on its chip foundry services to put it back on top of the chipmaking world, and it seems that Microsoft will be the first major customer for this project.’


I think they are confounding two things. Intel announced they have a deal with microsoft, and they announced they have TOTAL foundry commitments for $15B. They have several customers besides microsoft in that $15B number. We will see if this gets clarified in the next couple of days.


Thanks Alan - always a pleasure to get your inputs on Intel
Here’s the closest they’ve come to clarifying this that I could find:

'Intel Foundry announces design win: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella shares that Microsoft has chosen a chip design it plans to produce on the Intel 18A process.

In total, across wafer and advanced packaging, Intel Foundry’s expected lifetime deal value is greater than $15 billion.