Intercst(JG) and others who care to chime in

Think I’m sticking with Aetna(Silverscript/CVS) for Part D. Rates as you know nearly doubled from last year…mine about $14.00 now a month, still cheap but mostly pay with GoodRX

ooops somehow hit too soon. They also approved Vyvgart for me, a very expensive drug and for whatever reason didnt pay a penny, so unless those far wiser than me have shopped elsewhere and see more fruitful benefits, I’m all ears? Thx.

Medicare is very location specific, so what someone else in another location was able to find may not be the same as what you will get. You may want to check with your state’s SHIP (State Health Insurance assistance Program). Home | State Health Insurance Assistance Programs ( SHIP volunteers have access to all of the Medicare programs you could be eligible for, and will help you choose the program that will be best for your specific circumstances and conditions. Just click on the “SHIP Locator” button on the link above, and then choose your state.