Interesting Q1 auto sales

Q1 sales have been released by most automakers over the last couple days.

The narrative by industry management is “no-one wants passenger cars. no-one wants cheap cars. everyone wants really big, really expensive, SUVs and trucks, that we make the most profit on”.


Ford, which has no normal passenger cars anymore: up 5.7% overall. Their cheapest CUV, the Escape, was up73%. Their cheapest pickup, the Maverick, was up 81%

Toyota up 16.1% overall. Corolla sedan up 65%, Camry sedan up 21%. Corolla and Camry outsell every Toyota SUV except the RAV 4.

Honda up 11.8% overall. Civic, their cheapest sedan, up 44.9%. HR-V, their cheapest CUV up 38.2%.

VW up 21% Jetta sedan up 185%

Yeah, “no-one wants passenger cars, no-one wants cheap cars. EVERYONE wants only what is the most profitable for management” Sure…Right…