For anyone that thinks trucks are selling

It’s amazing how long vehicles are staying on lots.



Dont fight the FED and her twenty

Everyone’s waiting for the Cybertruck.



You know if Musk prices the Cybertruck correctly he could destroy Ford and GM. If the Ice and EV trucks from the legacy dealers are 90,000 and the Cyber is 60,000 just watch their whole cost structure collapse.



That’s not the main reason. The main reason is interest rates … the monthly payment on a $60k+ truck is HUGE and people simply can’t do it anymore.


When economics make Tesla money, Great!

When economics go against Tesla making money, Great!

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FYI: 2022 sales
F-150 650k units
Silverado 510k units
Ram 460k units

Oh, wait. You’re talking price, not units. While you CAN spec out a legacy ICE truck for upwards of $90k, base prices start closer to $40k.



I’m not sure. That thing looks like an abomination. I’m not sure what Tesla designers were thinking of.


Stealth bomber. That may be cool in a military design, but I’m not so sure about a consumer product. I would wager there will be a rush of “first on my block” sales, but whether that style will have legs remains to be seen.

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Outside the box!

The Captain


I did not watch the video but I did do some quick research:


In the lucrative and competitive truck and van segment, Ford reported sales growth of 19.6% over the first quarter of 2022, driven by F-Series pickups and the Transit Van. F-Series sales were up 21.1%.

When is growth of 20% a sales disaster?


When you are comparing it to a quarter where they were having supply problems.

** Ford on Tuesday reported a roughly 10% increase in its quarterly U.S. sales, led by jumps in its critical F-Series pickups and Bronco SUVs.

  • The Detroit automaker sold 475,906 vehicles during the first three months of the year, up 10.1% compared with subdued levels a year earlier due to supply chain problems.

  • The increase comes as Wall Street analysts monitor rising vehicle inventories and incentives for the U.S. automotive industry following historically low levels of both during the past three years.**


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A while back, maybe on a different page, I predicted that, as Ford drops their cheapest CUV, the Ecosport, their next target for the chop will be the compact CUVs, as they continue to push ATP and GP higher. The easiest way to push ATP higher is to discontinue the models with low ATP.

Their Q1 report was fascinating.

Ecosport (already discontinued) -80.4%

Escape (compact CUV) -47.1%

Bronco Sport (Escape with different skin and higher price) +2.7%

Bronco (bigger than the BS) +37.6%

Edge (big SUV, rumored to be up for the chop) -23.2%

Explorer (even bigger SUV) +35.9%

Expedition (good grief, even bigger SUV) +99.2%

Meanwhile, at Lincoln:

Corsair (reskinned Escape) -42.1%

Nautilus (reskinned Edge) +8.2%

Aviator (reskinned Explorer) +5.4%

Navigator (reskinned Expedition) +94.1%


Here is a report from UBS that points to trouble for automakers.

** UBS has estimated that global car production will exceed sales by 6pc this year, leaving an excess of five million vehicles that will require price cuts to shift.**


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That is in the rest of the world. In Shiny-land, plants are closed and people laid off, to reduce production to meet demand and support prices.

The Strabismus quarterly was interesting. The only Jeep model with a sales increase was the non-grand Cherokee, which has ended production, plant closed, thousands put out of work.

Renegade (cheapest, smallest, in the line) -59%

Compass -5%

Wrangler -17%

Gladiator -24%

Cherokee +31%

Grand Cherokee -27%

Wagoneer -59%

Grand Wagoneer -59%

Why Jeep can’t push it’s exorbitantly expensive Waggys, when Ford can move it’s monsters is a mystery to me. Maybe it is the extra thousands Jeep puts on the price, just because they have a “Jeep” badge pasted on them?

Ford Expedition starts at $55125. The Waggy starts at $58995. Lincoln Navigator starts at $78725. Grand Waggy starts at $88640



Name a price!

I like it!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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The funny thing is that in a couple of years you, like everybody else, will be thinking that’s what a real truck looks like, and those old fashioned weird things that some people drive around in are kind of sad. Style and design are fickle.

Me, I’m not a truck guy. I thought the Cybertruck looked really strange the first couple times I saw pictures. After that it just looks like another vehicle I’ll never want to own. I have a reservation in anyway, just in case I change my mind. It’s refundable. And it will surely be a year or two of production before I get to the top of the reservation list.



I have a deep theory that the design that’s out there is just a stalking horse, developed to put a shell on the thing until it’s ready for production. Then that shell comes off and a more slickly designed and contemporary/technological shell goes on, and the car industry writers all swoon at the debut.

I give it about a 3% chance, but it would be something.


During the Cybertruck unveil, Musk said that if people didn’t like it that Tesla would switch to a more ordinary design. But since the reservation numbers went wild, that hasn’t been mentioned as a possibility again.

Your theory has exactly 0% chance of being right. But hey, theorizing is fun.



That’s why I put it at 3%.

I will just note that Google Glasses sold out of its original 10,000 production run in a couple days. The fan boys signals are not always what lasts.