International Travel Group Tours?

Anybody have any good travel resources/weblinks to travel affordably internationally?

I have the travel bug and want to visit either Thailand, Vietnam, and Taiwan later this year or early next year.

I don’t mind joining a group tour, so if you have any experience with any in Southeast Asia, I would love to hear your thoughts…

I guess if I really wanted to save money, the cheapest way would to be explore on my own.

  1. Air ticket would cost about $800-1200
  2. A nice 4 star hotel (example Bangkok) could be found for $40-$60 a night
  3. Use of the public transportation system to get around
  4. Try and locate the various sites on my own

Anybody think spending up for a group tour is worth the money?

In my experience I think a group tour may be beneficial. They know the sights, have the experience to guide one through all the pitfalls along the way, and they do exist. We’ve used OAT if you’re energetic and can handle the physical requirements, they are graded by levels of difficulty. We have also used Mountain Travel Sobek which is very similar although a bit more energetic depending upon the activities you can handle and want to do. Age groups are pretty heterogeneous, We have traveled with both of them and did so until just the last 4 years - unfortunately old age is catching up with us and we can no longer do the hiking, climbing, etc…if that’s the type of activity you would want. Participants range from the mid-30s in age to about the mid 70’s. We’ve done Alaska, Canadian Rockies, Scotland, Patagonia, Peru, Glacier National Park, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc…etc…


have fun, I’m envious…


In 2019, I did a tour of Vietnam and Cambodia with a company out of Australia call Twos A Crowd for solo travelers. If you look at their website, the prices are AUS $ so I use to convert.I though it was a good trip and worth the money. I also liked going with a non-US company for a different point of view.

They have survived the pandemic but are just ramping up their tours again.

I also do a number of bicycle trips and some companies are worth the money. As a solo traveler, these are worth it to me because I don’t want to ship my bike and I really don’t know other people with the time, interest or money to do bike touring.

Other than what I consider difficult locations or biking trips, I usually do things myself. It’s less about money for me - I’m just not up for that much scheduling. I may add a tour or activity along the way but usually only half or one day.

But, as usual, this is about me. I have no opinion about how you should travel.


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