Cheap fares for fall trips

From today’s WaPo: Looking for a last-minute foreign getaway this fall? Your best options for a deal in Oct. are Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Toronto and Montreal; and Lisbon.

Prices for Oct. flights to Ho Chi Minh City from LAX, SFO and SAN are down more than 50% from 2021, with average fares around $700.

For travelers departing in Oct. from NYC, BOS and MIA, flights to Montreal and Toronto are more than 30% cheaper than last year, costing just over $200. Lisbon flights are cheapest from SFO and ORD, costing as low as $391 round trip.

(Mostly, I’m posting this to try out the new boards. Hoping I did it right.)


You did great - and nice embedded link to Hopper!

Unfortunately, none of those are on my travel plans this fall - or even next spring. too late to reconsider, too, dang it.

Actually, I edited my post immediately after posting and deleted the link, fearing it might upset TMF. :slight_smile:

But here’s the Hopper website (which I’ve never used but will check out):

Not a problem…but this way, you got to play with the edit option!

We’re starting to look at more travel. Can’t hide from COVID forever. We’ve done everything we can do to be safe. Time to start living again. And then we promptly got COVID from our cruise. Annoying for about 5 days, but nothing too severe. We got a great deal on another cruise in January (airfare and transfer was only $274, BOGO), and we’re waiting for a deal on a South America cruise. Maybe won’t happen. Dunno. But we’re watching.

I’m in the rumination stages of planning an Africa trip, including safari in either Kenya or Tanzania. Will probably return through Europe (since we’re already on that side of the pond). Maybe 2024?

With the pound crashing, probably a good time to visit England. Your dollar will go a lot further.

Hi 1PG, we’re itching to get back to ITALY nxt SEP. Tough to plan around ongoing COVID concerns, a world in recession, Putin’s existential threat to humanity and ITALY’s ever-changing political scene (strikes, lockdowns, etc…) but a strong dollar might help offset the uncertainties with the Euro even with USD$. :thinking:

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Yes, planning international travel right now is challenging. Fortunately, most airlines permit changes without fee. We’ve got a trip to Florence slated for late November at the same apartment we rented last year and are really looking forward to it. The cheap Euro is an unexpected bonus.

If you haven’t been to London, now would be a GREAT time to go. So beautiful, so well run, so many things to do, great restaurants, Covent Garden, etc etc. With the pound (oops) crashing it might be better than investing :upside_down_face:

For London, more important is the drop in the pound…