Internet of things

and Skyworks

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Skyworks Solutions (NASDAQ: SWKS ) is transitioning itself from its current business of mobile connections into IoT ones. Skyworks analog and mixed signal semiconductors provide the Apple iPhone and iPad with a strong connection to wireless carriers, but the company considers the IoT one of its key growth drivers this year.
Its CEO, David Aldrich, said on a recent earnings call that the company is “a conduit into the Internet of Things.” With its chips and radio frequency connections, Skyworks could eventually make the Internet of Things focus even more important than its mobile business.
Time is running out
Companies that do not focus their efforts on the Internet of Things now are poised to miss out on a huge opportunity. Billions of new “things” will come online over the next several years, and they are going to need new connections, software, sensors, and analytics processing to make them useful.
As GE and Skyworks Solutions prove, large and small companies alike have a place in the Internet of Things – if only businesses will step out and realize the potential.…

Cisco Systems estimates there will be 50 billion new connections by 2020, while IDC believes the IoT market will be $7 trillion in just five years.
But despite this massive potential, a new study from Accenture found that 73% of companies have yet to make any “concrete investments” in the Internet of Things.

"Our survey among 1,400 C-suite decision makers, half of whom are CEOs, found that while they might see and believe in the Internet of Things, this is not necessarily translating into effective moves to exploit it
So maybe the IOT will not be the big hit that is forecast, if businesses are looking but not buying.

I was intrigued by the huge potential savings to the oil and gas industry to save $90 billion, but don’t understand how or which suppliers would benefit. There must be some good investments hiding there.