Interview with Wix COO

I found this interview with Wix COO Nir Zohar very enjoyable. Wix is my second largest position after Shopify, and I am pretty excited about what they are doing.

He’s asked about Square’s purchase of Weebly and says that he thinks they want to complete their offering to compete with what Shopify is doing in ecommerce. He says Wix doesn’t plan to enter that area, but that they are more motivated in helping people “DIY” (do it yourself). They’ve always had a “make it easy” approach to creating websites, and with Wix Code they are now offering a much more complete product where experts can come in and really add value (the more time/money a customer invests in their Wix website, the more likely they are to stick with Wix).

So Wix isn’t going after the huge enterprises like Shopify is with Shopify Plus, at least not any time soon. But that’s fine by me, because their sustained incredible growth rate shows me just how many little guys there are out there. And when you have around 3.5 million paying customers, just providing a little more value to them and increasing their spend can go a long, long way.

At the end of the video, Nir even weighs in on Microsoft’s Github purchase.