Intruiged by fintech company, ticker MQ.


This is my first post in here. I hope i’m not breaking any rules by posting this. If i do, don’t hesitate to delete it. Since this forum is focusing on finding high growth companies i thought i’d share this…

Recently i’ve noticed some talking about a recently IPO’ed fintech company called Marqese Inc.

I am still researching and trying to grasp what they do, that is so interesting to fintwit.

So what do they do?

According to Yahoo Finance:
Marqeta, Inc. operates a cloud-based open application programming interface platform that delivers card issuing and transaction processing services to developers, technical product managers, and visionary entrepreneurs. It offers its solutions in the various verticals, including commerce disruptors, digital banks, tech giants, and large financial institutions. The company incorporated in 2010 and is headquartered in Oakland, California.

According to Webull:
Marqeta, Inc. is engaged in providing modern card issuing and payment processing solutions. The Company operates Marqeta Platform, a cloud-based, open application program interface platform, which enables businesses to develop modern, frictionless payment card experiences for consumer and commercial use cases that are either the core of, or in support of, their core business. Its Platform offers three primary capabilities: Marqeta Issuing, Marqeta Processing, and Marqeta Applications. The Company offers solutions, such as on-demand services, buy now pay later, expense management, travel, alternative lending, disbursements and incentives. The Company offers its solutions to various industries, which includes digital banking, incentives and rewards, online travel, small business lending, on-demand services, media and advertisement agencies, point-of-sale financing, insurance and retail marketplace. Its customers include businesses like Affirm, DoorDash, Instacart, Klarna, and Square.

Their mission statement:
Our mission is to be the global standard for modern card issuing, empowering builders to bring the most innovative products to the world.

They were founded in 2010 and are now 400+ workers. Still founder led, but not much skin in the game (0.58%)

Some very notable partners:
Google (for Google Pay)
Uber Freight

They are not profitable but their revenue is growing at a rapid pace. According to their 2021 Q2 press release their net revenue grew 76% yoy. On their webpage they claim to have doubled their revenue 4 years in a row

TMF had an article on MQ today regarding their recent partnering with…

So just based on their growth so far and their very notable partners i think its worth a look.

If you have any additional information or thoughts about MQ i’d love to hear it.

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I believe Krokokot went into a little detail on this company a couple months back.…


Adding some numbers here.

FY2019 vs FY2020
Revenue: 143m vs 290m
Cost of rev: 82m vs 172m
Gross Profit: 60m vs 118m
Gross Margin: 42% vs 41%
Net loss: 58m vs 47m
EPS: -1.07 vs -.39

Q1 2020 vs Q1 2021
Revenue: 48m vs 108m
Cost of rev: 30m vs 58m
Gross Profit: 18m vs 50m
Gross Margin: 38% vs 46%
Net loss: 14m vs 13m
EPS: -.12 vs -.10

No position but it has been on my watchlist for a couple weeks.