IOS 17 update coming today!



One more time!

Ah but those of us who got new phone already did get 17.0.2 during the default upgrade process. Some changes in the upgrade process delayed 17.0.2 until this release.

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Right, but they held 17.0.2 back for a day or so, maybe just to give the servers a chance to keep up…

And now Sonoma decision time in the MacOS…

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I got the notice for the 17.0.2 and it looks like it is for transferring information to the new phone (15) so I held off on the update last night…doc

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And here’s the heat issue fixer…


Anoyjer bumped…


I just added update notes for WatchOS, iOS, MacOS, iPadOS over on the apple board…

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And here’s another update!

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Updated all no problems.

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Once again today, more Updates!

  • “Safari 17.2 for macOS Ventura and Monterey (security fixes)”
  • “macOS Sonoma 14.2 Update (includes 39 security fixes)”
  • “macOS Ventura 13.6.3 Update (17 security fixes)”
  • “macOS Monterey 12.7.2 Update (18 security fixes)”
  • “iOS 17.2 and iPadOS 17.2 Updates (includes 11 security fixes)”
  • “iOS 16.7.3 and iPadOS 16.7.3 Updates (includes security fixes)”
  • “watchOS 10.2 Update (includes 9 security fixes)”
  • “tvOS 17.2 Update (includes 8 security fixes)”
  • “HomePod Software Update 17.2”

you are always on top of this and so good to let us all know. We appreciate you…doc

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Thanks Doc, I try to keep my own stuff updated, and I also admin the remains of our local Mac User Group on FB, so tend to spread the word if I can find it…

Did several updates here yesterday, our old 2015 27" iMac took an overnight to complete, but it’s unused for now… Haven’t wiped DW’s info off it yet, will reformat, see if that helps, but it really needs an internal SSD… Tedious job…

(I did wipe, reinstall the Monterey OS on DW’s 27" iMac, system only, did not bring back the apps, still very slow, no doubt the Fusion HD is messed up, even though it passes Disk Utility’s First Aid… But I can’t see investing for an SSD into it… A shame, but likely it’s just over…)

And today, here’s another Update…

Gotta love those point releases, fixing things that are wrong. Major releases I hold off on, but point releases I go for immediately. I scheduled it for tonight.

Thanks for the heads up.


Me too, though even for an x.y.z release I’ll wait a week. It could still break stuff.

It popped right in, in fact Id forgotten I’d begun it, went to use the iPhone and it was already done… Used wifi, didn’t bother with the USB cable…

Strange- phone updated no problem, MBpro updated no issues that I see yet, but watch series 8 and MB Air show no updates available- I thought I read there are updates for all of them???

None for Watch that I know of, my MBPro is too old, like My MBAir…

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My iPad Air is 4th generation. I didn’t see anything Re the latest updates and age of our devices. Maybe you’re correct. But I did think the watch was included in update?