IOS 17 update comes out today!

Here’s a link to the post on the HWTSC thread here at the fool…doc


GWPotter beat me to the punch over there!
In process now…

On top of it Office 365 decided to also do a batch of updates…

Apple News and Press Releases

  • includes stability improvements and bug fixes.
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I beat Potter however and I have done the update on my phone and watch. There is a new update for iwatch…doc

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Heh, normally I catch the latest early on, but I’ve been sidetracked with a new car, hybrid, so missed it…

I managed the iPhone OK, but the watch took a long, long time, delayed my leaving the house to get out for my walk… All’s well in the end…


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You are usually the first to post on the ios updates true. I saw it early yesterday morning and posted on the HWTSC and Apple forum. Both my phone and watch updated yesterday. My watch took a little longer and i fell asleep waiting for it to finish. This morning the watch was done and I don’t see any big differences. Same with the phone…doc

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Here’s a little more info:

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I always wait for the first .x patch release. This is one time that I don’t need to experience the problems of being one of the first adopters of a major release jump! Apple never seems to fix and of the bugs/broken features I care about anyway.

So far, I’m not having any problems with the iOS or WatchOS updates. But I’m not doing any magical things, just mostly an alternate email, texting, podcast platform…

Where I did have a headache was that M$ Office 365 also updated, about the same time in the MacOS (Ventura). For who knows why, they are pushing their ‘New’ Outlook, so I have to go find a way to revert to the legacy Outlook, before they blow away all my folders, rules, and it turns out they changed my default email account for Send/Reply…

(Answering my own problem, I found this discussion:) Redirecting

So, not Apple’s problem, I haven’t looked into it until now, just want it the way it is…


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Thanks for living on the bleeding edge.

I don’t recall, and this is going way back, ever regretting doing updates as they become available… I figure the Beta versions have been out there quite a while, I don’t go that far, but stuff has been tried, looked at by a lot of folks… Folks I used to see at MWSF, but no more MacWorld, sadly…

I’m actually having more trouble sorting out all the details of out new Hybrid, but little by little it’s working out… The price we pay for staying current…

That said, my Watch (5) and iPhone (11) are aging a bit, but it’s hard to rationalize replacing them, a matter of priorities, I suppose… Been a hectic year new A/C, new micro, new refridge, new roof, gutters, new SUV… Oh, and a new landscaper, too… Stuff… Need to clear out a lot of old stuff, too, bins of stuff…

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Early reports are two watch for battery life on the phone. May not be true, but there are at least a few people saying their battery life has been degraded by 25% or more.

I’m going to wait a few days and see.

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I know how you feel, I have the XS max so its 5 generations old…doc

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I’ll never understand why battery life so often seems to suffer with a software update.

It is pretty common for a key reason to update software is for it to be able to do more stuff. Doing stuff is what consumes battery power.

Yeah, but there will be a software fix for this I’m almost positive. And if so, it will reflect very poorly on Apple’s ability to do adequate testing.

With iOS, battery life, initially, may be impacted as the iOS shuffles, indexes, sorts out all the new details, likely the same for the Watch, I haven’t noticed it, I stick to my normal routine of nightly charging both, generally late, midnight or so onward… But if one wears the watch at nifgt, maybe an extra charge cycle is needed… DW is doing this lately as she wants the sleep monitoring… Me, eh, not interested…

As noted, here’s an article on the why’s:

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And here’s another Update:

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Thats a quick update on the back of a new ios…doc

Yes, surprised me, as the last podcast I listened to from MacWorld, Wednesday’s, was saying they weren’t seeing any problems, but maybe some investigator spotted the gaps they’d missed…