Iphone 7 tear down

Looks like the QUALCOMM version not the intel version which could imply some variations but Avago and Skyworks are both on board together with Dialog in power management. Can’t see Synaptics or Invensense listed.

Apple A10 Fusion APL1W24 SoC + Samsung 2 GB LPDDR4 RAM (as denoted by the markings K3RG1G10CM-YGCH)
Qualcomm MDM9645M LTE Cat. 12 Modem
Skyworks 78100-20
Avago AFEM-8065 Power Amplifier Module
Avago AFEM-8055 Power Amplifier Module
SK Hynix H23QEG8VG2ACS 32 GB Flash
Murata 339S00199 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Module
NXP 67V04 NFC Controller
Dialog 338S00225 Power Management IC
Qualcomm PMD9645 Power Management IC
Qualcomm WTR4905 Multimode LTE Transceiver
Qualcomm WTR3925 RF Transceiver
Bosch Sensortec BMP280 Barometric Pressure Sensor
Apple/Cirrus Logic 338S00105 Audio Codec
Cirrus Logic 338S00220 Audio Amplifier(x2)
Lattice Semiconductor ICE5LP4K
Skyworks 13702-20 Diversity Receive Module
Skyworks 13703-21 Diversity Receive Module
Skyworks 77363-1
Avago LFI626 200157
NXP 610A38
Texas Instruments 62W8C7P
Texas Instruments 65730A0P Power Management IC

7 Plus here…
which seems to have more Qualcomm in it and less Skyworks.

Never saw alternative regional variations for iPhone 6 tear downs so they might not occur this time either (intel version).



Ok here’s the intel one…


More Avago and Qorvo and less Skyworks…

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So apparently Ceva DSP is in the Intel iPhone 7.

I think I will keep hold of CEVA if they really are in the Intel modem chip set but look to sell Skyworks into strength given that they seem to be having to share a lot of content with Avago and Qorvo despite their content gains.

I might re-evaluate Skyworks if they sort out their BAR/SAW.



We have discussed CEVA before - here is the confirmation of their iphone design win and the analysts responses in terms of forecasts…



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Looks like Skyworks got hit by news that iPhone7 sales aren’t going well in Europe…



I have an iPhone 6S and an SE. Unless I want to take my iPhone swimming or in my shower (in the rain does not count, as I’ve been stuck in the rain with my iPhone many times before) I cannot think of a single reason I need or am even intrigued, at all, to want to upgrade to the new 7.

I love reading reviews and press regarding Apple products. Nevertheless, I have hardly any interest in reviewing such press regarding the 7.

Upgrade market for the 7 is going to be the smallest, as a percentage of qualified upgraders, that the iPhone has probably ever had. With Samsung issues, new iPhone sales may benefit.

But, if someone asked me, I would advise them to get a 6S or an SE. Ignore the 7.

My opinion from the 6S from the 5, 5S and the 6 was wholly different, with enthusiasm for the 6S. It brought some real benefits for the upgrade. The 7…we are waiting for the 8.

At the same time, I am waiting for an Apple Watch to make what iPhone I own irrelevant. Perhaps the iPhone ring. Some day.


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