IRS orders stop to new processing of Employee Retention Tax Credit

Apparently the whole thing is getting very sketchy and even honest business owners may be scammed into filing false claims. It’s all about “the skim” since promoters of these scams take 20% of any money refunded by the IRS.



I have had endless calls to do this. I hang up endlessly on these guys.

I have a local accountant friend who got into this early as a service he offered. He made a lot of money charging 20%. I hope he is long gone from this business but I have not seen him in three months.

The honest people are CPAs or tax lawyers charging an hourly fee to file the paperwork.



My friend introduced it in 2021 to mid-sized companies. It was not an hourly job he was doing. It could have been but he was actually early on debating the IRS on the entire topic before it had been settled with the IRS. He was not doing the paperwork. In that period he only had about 6 larger clients.

That said I get your drift. You are right in 2023 all the scammers now have a hold of this.

The main reason the IRS is cutting it off the end of the pandemic has happened. The monies involved were pandemic-related.

The IRS is doing us all a service by declaring that anyone calling you up about this is bull blanking so to speak.

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