Israel-Hamas War Good for Stock Market

America has long profited from the suffering of others.



Another interesting overview…


Defense industry stocks seemed to do well today. They probably anticipate orders for replacement equipment and munitions.

Or do those Wall Street computers already have that income calculated?

Yes and no. It does not matter which side steps down. The other won’t or visa versa.

Both sides are to blame. The leaders are not innocent. The people have chosen sides.

There is no solution for Israel at this point in having territories. The Palestinians will be forced out of the territories.

There is already a Palestinian nation some four times Israel’s size. It is a peaceful good neighbor of Israel. It is the only democratic republic/Monarchy in the Arab world. Jordan.


That was the Israeli talking point through the late 60s and 70s, that Palestine comprised present day Israel and Jordan. Therefor Jordan is the Arab sector and the Pals in Israel need to pack up and move.

This isn’t a good time to push 2M people from Gaza into Jordan tho, as that country is already struggling with large numbers of Syrian refugees from that civil war. And if Israel engages in ethnic cleansing of Gaza, what about the west bank?



Ethnic cleansing is mass murder. That won’t be happening. Instead the housing shortage is going to grow.

Jordan is not the only location for resettlement. People have been leaving Gaza and not been allowed to return for a long time now. This will hasten that.

The West Bank is 20% controlled by PLA, 20% mixed rule and 60% Israeli rule. The people leaving will still be leaving. But the West Bank PLA is not hooked up with Iran.

The bigger question is Iranian nukes.

Thomas Friedman has a very interesting take. Friedman is best known for his cringe-worthy 2005 book “The World is Flat” but he made his bones and rose to prominence for his coverage of the conflict in Lebanon. Now he’s back in his circle of competence he has some good insights.

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Yes, a very useful thoughtfilled informed column.

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Certainly an interesting read. I am not sold at all.

In leadership, there is a problem of getting people to do what you want.

SA and the others have given up on Hamas. More than that Hamas siding with Iran has SA and many others at odds with ever supporting Hamas.

If Iran attacked SA Israel would play a critical role.

Further, Iran can or is developing nuclear weapons. Israel has denied them a few times.

What a post-colonial state can say about power on the global stage is limited but SA and the rest are not all that tied to Palestinians just because of being Arab. Sympathy runs deep publicly.

Politics is global or local. Global has to win out for the better or lose out for the worse. Local is just a lot of complaining with no advancement. As the Arab world gets richer the leadership wants advancement.

SA is throwing in with the West. It is not just Israel. What is SA to do next to denounce France for being Christian? Globally it won’t work that way.

Local always $ucks. Leaders won’t clean up messes others insist on making. Both Hamas and Israel are in the wrong but there is no hope of Hamas cleaning itself up. Israel can stop a nuclear attack by Iran on SA.

Thank you for sharing that column.

I have read many Friedman columns and a couple of his books. He is thought provoking, even if I mostly disagree with him.

However, I think this column rings of the truth and has some good advice.

Israel does not have to ignore responding to the depraved barbaric cruelty of Hamas. But their focus should be laser-like on Hamas and Iran, not the Palestinians who are caught in a vice.

Israel knows, better than most, that revenge is a dish best served cold.


Maybe Hamas “sides with Iran”, because they will side with anyone who will help them? I have read that Castro “sided” with the Russians, because they were willing to help him. During the cold war, the US “sided” with any brutally repressive dictator, who paid lip service to being a “good anti-Communist”.



It suited Castro.

It suits Hamas.

It suits Damascus.

People are not forced to do the wrong thing.

I am not saying we are the greatest but we are a far better bargain if you ask Japan and Germany or Israel and SA.