Oil's retreat hinges on no ground invasion


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The local news was chirping over the weekend about falling gas prices. Counter-intuitive as the financial speculators historically trained themselves to bid oil up, a lot, at the slightest upset in the middle east.

Israel has sort of painted itself into a corner, insisting it will totally destroy Hamas. Over the weekend, Israel was also bombing in Lebanon, Syria, and the west bank.


Hamas has a few strongholds on the West Bank. Hezbollah may have a foothold in Syria. Or other groups are in there.

Israel will be okay.

Opec and Russia are not trustworthy. How much did they cut supplies? How much did they not report going out of their backdoors? There is always a fudge factor with oil suppliers who will underreport supply.

Plus remember we are at odds with Iran. SA love it. Meanwhile, SA can not cut the world off right now. Plus SA is making money.

Some crisis.

Without a ground invasion into Gaza, this whittles down fast. Israel may quietly begin to lengthen this situation as is for time. This is just target practice against Hamas. No one cares about that part of it.