It is possible to electrify a home on just 100 amps

It may require careful planning and efficient appliances like heat pumps, but 100-amp service can be enough to kick fossil fuels out of your home.


I didn’t even know they made heat pump dryers. That is a game changer. I think you could probably do a 100 amps in the desert. I have a 200 amp service and thought I didn’t have a big enough service but now I think it is over kill.


I have 200 AMPs for the condo. I think 400 would be safer with all the stuff I have plugged in.

I have a friend in a McMansion who has six bathrooms. She has two massive water heaters on two separate floors. One of her water heaters went, then the next. She was only using part of her house. By law, she had to replace both water heaters. Code. The cost was over $12k. I can not imagine her amperage.

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