It's all about the (healthier, sustainable, more of a dark-) chocolate

The Swiss do not mess around when it comes to their chocolate. They found a way to replace the sugar in the treat and still make it taste good. That’s next.


Food scientist Kim Mishra loves chocolate. Who doesn’t?

Kim Mishra


I am a binge chocolate eater, I must admit.

Krista Bo (host)


And he’s based in Switzerland, where they take chocolate very seriously. He had a lot of motivation to try to make a new recipe for chocolate that’s healthier and more sustainable. This new recipe would be entirely made from the plant, not just parts of it like how it’s made now and wouldn’t use any refined sugar. Kim says the chocolate tastes rich and fruity. It’s more for my dark chocolate lovers out there, and it’s more nutritious than traditional chocolate with extra dietary fiber and antioxidants. We won’t see this new chocolate on grocery store shelves anytime soon, but a patent for the recipe has been filed, and Kim says he’s already hearing from chocolate makers all over the world who are intrigued by the research.

Kim Mishra


People want to eat chocolate forever, and I think this is a measure of how to ensure that dark chocolate is also to be consumed in the future in a sustainable manner.

Krista Bo (host)



Interesting concept. I’m imagining they are using the pulp and skins of the cocoa beans. The pulp is flavorful and sweet, like a Starburst candy. The skins are fibrous and tannic. Maybe they’re using the pod. It’s thick, like a pumpkin, and probably tastes bland with very little sugar. I imagine, aside from experimentation, they’re driven to maximize or sustain profit, since weather is changing and wiping out cocoa trees and their habitat.

Do you have a link to the interview?

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It was a podcast transcription. CNN?

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