Gold, Bitcoin, Oil, Lithium - meh. But this has my attention


Cocoa futures surged above an unprecedented $10,000 a metric ton, extending a historic rally that’s already seen prices double this year and which is raising the cost of chocolate.

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Time for the media to trot out another of those fake “studies” claiming eating chocolate is good for you, to try and get people to ignore the price and buy, Buy, BUY.


I did today. Not chocolate which is full of sugar but powdered cacao.

The Captain


You say that like it’s a bad thing.


OK, hold it right there, buddy. It is a proven fact that chocolate IS good for you! Period. Full stop.

I haven’t seen a Dementor in decades.


Absolutely yes! It’s one of the main ingredients that causes type 2 diabetes.

As a kid I ate a lot of sweets, my uncle had a bakery and my dad’s hotel had wonderful deserts. Around 1964/5 I started to notice that sugar made me dizzy. Later in life I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

The Captain


Sort of but not really. Too many calories is a bigger factor. Lipids are a factor. Things that cause insulin resistance. Sugar is down the list as an empty calorie. Sweetness sugar other sweetener causes hunger…too many calories.

I told y’all this is serious.