It's Community Manager Appreciation Day!

Fools! It’s COMMUNITY MANAGER APPRECIATION DAY, so please join me in celebrating Tony Miller (TMF2Aruba) and all of his hard work keeping our boards Foolish and fun. It’s a pretty impressive accomplishment considering there were TENS OF THOUSANDS of new board posts in December alone.

It’s an enormous job, and one that can sometimes feel thankless. Let’s take this opportunity to say thank you for all the work behind the scenes that make this place wonderful.



Tony has been a huge help to me and to the board at times, and is a great guy.



Tony deserves credit for the help he has provided to you and the boards.

As a frequent reader of this board, a huge portion of the success of this board is directly attributable to your willingness to share ideas, thought, encouragement and the occasional reminder of the boards purpose when it drifts OT.

Tony may make the board appear to seamless. You sir, are the heart and soul of the board.

Thank you very much.




Think we have to thank all of you at TMF for giving us the opportunity to not only enrich our lives but share our passions, be it finance, gardening, photography or whatever. I have been here for I believe around 18 years or so and many a lot longer. Incredible community across a vast spectrum with strangers(many who have become friends) sharing their knowledge, wisdom, guidance, thoughts and ideas. I certainly have become a better investor because of TMF and the incredible posters within and its thanks to you for making it possible in the first place…

Long may I be here and long may you continue…

Best. Bran.


I couldn’t agree more with Jim. I have been a Fool member since 2016 but just recently discover Saul’s Knowledgebase articles. I printed them out and read them 3 times. I don’t think I have ever found reading numbers that much fun. I have read other investment books but lost interest after a while. Things starting to make sense after reading your knowlegebase. Thanks for taking the time to put it together and share with us FOOLs. Happy Community Manager Appreciation day to Tony.



There is no place else on the entire internet
where you can discuss something serious with so
many well-informed people with like interests
and none of the bickering of disagreement.

I’m sure TMF knows this, but just in case …

When the boards disappear, so do I. Until then
I will gladly subscribe to some services whether
I need them or not.

Well done Tony, Saul and everyone here.