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Do any of you people with CMF or TMF before your name have an idea why the Motley Fool suddenly stopped picking a MF Post of the Day about eight weeks ago? I’m just curious. It’s so odd to stop something that’s been going for years and years in the middle of a month, with no explanation at all. Even if the person who was doing it resigned, it should be a cinch to find someone else at MF within a couple of days to do it. I’d hate to think that it was because our board kept getting so many of them that the paid services felt that we were pulling attention away from their discussion boards…that really sounds rather grandiose to me… so I have no explanation. I asked member support but got no answer. If any of you CMF’s or TMF’s can get any more information about what happened, I’d appreciate it. Just to satisfy my curiosity. Maybe they just forgot to assign someone new and it got accidently dropped, and they’d be glad to be reminded. Who knows? It was a nice feature, and a reward for interesting and excellent posts.



Hi Saul,

Post of the Day is currently on hiatus, and we expect it to return in the near future.

For now, we are pointing Fools to the “Best of” feature, which is actually where PoD is culled from. As long as excellent posts continue to receive the Recs they deserve, they will continue to act as PoD worthy, and be on the list.

Here’s the link:



Dear Tony,

The “Best of” feature as of today is mostly junk that I do not care to hear on a website where I pay for financial advise. For example, if you look today, except Saul’s post on this thread everything else is about Politics or Current Affairs. Yes I know I can sort by ticker, but I hope you understand I am really talking about usability.

I don’t know where PoD is culled for, but it would be very useful to hear valuable, investment related advice from the non-subscriber side of the boards as well.

Thanks for realizing how important the ‘real’ advice is vs. political information which I don’t want to get from TMF.



The “Best of” feature as of today is mostly junk…


Denny Schlesinger

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…we are pointing Fools to the “Best of” feature, which is actually where PoD is culled from…

Hi Tony!

While I am not responsible for POD’s, I do know enough about the process to know that “Best of” is NOT the only source for them. Indeed, anyone can nominate posts for POD (there was a link for such).

Indeed, over the years, I have nominated many posts…some with very few rec’s…which were chosen as POD’s.

Just thought I needed to set the record straight.

Home Fool


…and here is the link to which I refered for POD nominations:

Home Fool


For now, we are pointing Fools to the “Best of” feature

Looks like a politics / current events board. Not a very good substitute.


Who ever uses that page except possibly some newbie to TMF?
No one would access the boards through that except for their first time.

Hi KingOfTown!

As a Home Fool, I have absolutely nothing to do with the TMF site/links, etc. My main point was that the “Best of” feature has not been the only source for POD’s (as was implied by a previous post).

The link I posted is what it is. Might it be better displayed/marketed by TMF? Certainly…

…but for those who didn’t know about it, perhaps it will be useful. Personally, I put the linked email address for POD’s in my email contacts so that I could access it anytime I like.
Your mileage may vary.

Home Fool