It's not just the patients that insurance cos. serve poorly


That’s an outstanding report. I’d like to see the list of Congressmen and Senators that Bain Capital (Mitt Romney’s old firm) and Zelis Payment Systems has on their payroll.

This 2.5% payment fee is just another corruption tax on US healthcare that gets added on top of the 20% skim rate on Obamacare, 15% on Medicare Advantage, and the unlimited captive PBM generic drug price gouging that every large health insurer participates in.

No wonder we’re paying twice as much for worse health care.

Surely the AMA and the Chairman of the Senate Health Committee Bernie Sanders could team up on a bill to eliminate the 2.5% fee. It’s the easiest way to improve payments to doctors. (2.5% of $1 Trillion/year in health care payments is $25 Billion per year)