It's such a burden! *sob*

As offered from time to time, the first things to be cut, when management goes on a cost cutting binge, are quality control and customer service.

Mosied into Tim’s for lunch today, at 4pm. For months, shortages have resulted in my having to piece together a sandwich from what they have available ie: no chicken for a chicken panini, they have turkey or ham, but neither of the breads that those sandwiches are built on, resulting in the turkey or ham served on the panini, bread, with double cheese because they are out of lettuce, or tomato, or both. Today, for the third time overall, and second time in consecutive weeks, they have had no sandwich stuff at all, so I left empty-handed. Too much of a “burden” to have food in stock.

That Tim’s shares a building with a Wendy’s. As has been the case for over a month, the Wendy’s had it’s counter gate down, not serving the dining room. As I walked back to my car, I noticed the Wendy’s also had it’s drive-up lane blocked off. Whether it was too much of a “burden” to have food in stock, or staff to serve it, I don’t know. Again, this was at 4 in the afternoon.

I mentioned my attempt at lunch at a different Wendy’s yesterday. Managed to get the grilled chicken wrap I wanted, but when I went to the drinks machine, it was out of Coke, Dr Pepper, and cream soda. I had to settle for fourth choice, Bark’s root beer. Must be too much of a “burden” to have multiple flavors of drink available. A week earlier, I tried that same Wendy’s, but neither kiosk was working. One wouldn’t even start my order. On the other kiosk, I got my order entered, but it would not go to the payment screen. I poked the button to go to the payment screen, the button would register my poke, but it would not go to the next screen. I told the girl near the counter that the kiosk wasn’t working, but, it was apparently to much of a “burden” for the store to have someone ring up my order. I left empty-handed.

I’m down to Arby’s and BK, as the only places that I can still be reasonably sure I will find something to eat.