The end of the burger flipper crisis?

I have commented, from time to time, about the Wendy’s/Tim’s combination store near my home. That was my go-to place for lunch for years, before the plague, due to the variety of fare on offer.

Since the beginning of September, the dining room had been closed. The Tim’s side started closing it’s drive-up window at 1PM.

I checked both the Wendy’s and Tim’s web sites yesterday, and both claimed the dining room was open, so I headed over today.

The dining room was indeed open, at 3pm, and both the Wendy’s and Tim’s counters were open.

Talked with the Wendy’s manager for a minute. Commented that, the dining room being closed for months, made me think 80% of their staff had been high school students, and they all quit when school started. She said, yes, that is exactly what had happened.

Here’s the payoff, she said that today, she is fully staffed. The company help wanted signs are still up, but she said that she is not hiring anyone right now.

A couple weeks ago, I walked into BK, saw 4 staff standing there looking at me and commented “wow, fully staffed”.

Seems, at least in my 'hood, the great flipper crisis is over, though I’m sure the “JCs” will still cry a river about the wages they are paying.