It's the M3P Batteries, Stoopid!

Batteries are the catalyst for the adoption of wind and solar renewable energy. Batteries solve the intermittency problem when the wind does not blow and the sun does not shine in addition to being a replacement for fossil fuel burning peaker plants.

As sales grow, cost drops, R&D increases, innovation flourishes, and the total addressable market (TAM) expands.

CATL accounts for more than a third of total battery sales globally and currently supplies Volkswagen, BMW and Ford as well as its main customer Tesla with EV batteries. Tesla is such a big customer for CATL that the battery company set up its new 70 GWh factory just 5km from Tesla’s Shanghai factory.

The article suggests that the M3P batteries will provide longer range but I think they might allow Tesla to make lighter, cheaper models increasing demand.

The Captain


A 15% improvement of LFP battery power to weight ratio is good, but it’s evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Also the article has a funny error, it says “210 kWh/kg”, but it really means “210 Wh/kg”, a 3 order of magnitude error.