Japan Korea Alliance

The newly emerging alliance of Japan & Korea in alliance with USA is hugely important, especially in the context of China’s threatening messy menace, the South China Sea, and the Phillipines (and India, Australia, New Zealand).

is an interview with an (utterly exhausted and jetlagged) USA ambassador to Japan Emmanuel Rahm at the Naval War College, a valuable and interesting discussion.

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After watching dozens of Korean TV series it’s clear that Japan has been a menace to Korea for hundreds of years. From the Japanese invasions of Korea (1592–1598) known as the Imjin war to the ravages of Japanese coastal pirates to the takeover of Korea as a colony of the Japanese empire (1910 - 1945), it’s clear that Japan has been an eternal enemy of Korea. Japanese characters are instantly recognizable as villains by any Korean audience.

China dominated Korea culturally and militarily for centuries but not with the same violence as Japan.

A Japan-Korean alliance would be truly historic.



And when Japan and Korea have reconciled, waved goodbye to their disturbing past (the most emotional reconcilement was last year over Japanese enslavement of Korean women for use as “pleasure women” by Japanese soldiers during WWII), adding the Phillipines to the mix (and Taiwan more under the table) makes for checkmate for CCP controlled Chinese aggressive claims in South China Sea and the Pacific.

An immense achievement.

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