Japan's PM calls for Max Nuclear Power

Sounds like a job security play as people shivering in the dark don’t vote rationally?



Kishida calls for maximum use of nuclear over coming winter

15 July 2022

Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has called for up to nine of the ten reactors that have already been restarted to be in operation over the winter to avoid electricity shortages. There are currently five reactors in operation in the country.

“There are concerns about the supply and demand of energy this winter,” Kishida said at a press conference on 14 July. “At any rate, we need to prevent such a situation. Therefore, I have told the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry that as many nuclear power plants as possible - up to nine - this winter will be put into operation to secure about 10% of Japan’s total electricity consumption.”

In addition, he said ten thermal power plants would be restarted to ensure stable power supplies at peak times.