Jason Snell's take on the Scary Fast Macs

Overall, this was a pretty good day for the Mac. Apple has launched the next generation of Apple silicon chips, and it’s done the whole family (barring the Ultra, which in the past has just been two Max chips attached to one another) at once. If you’re thinking of buying a new MacBook Air or Mac mini next year, look to the M3 iMac to get an idea about how it will perform. If you’re hoping for a Mac Studio, the profile of the M3 Max MacBook Pro will be pretty close to what you’ll get.

That’s the great thing about Apple silicon: The chips really tell their own story. Earlier, I almost referred to the MacBook Pro as “The M3 Pro with MacBook Pro,” not the other way around. A silly but telling typo: In a way, these first models are also vessels to carry the message about Apple’s latest chip designs. If you’re in the market for a new iMac or MacBook Pro, this is a big announcement. But it’s really just as big for everyone else who is wondering what the Mac line-up will look like over the next year.