Javelin Anti-Tank Weapon In Use


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The US Javelin anti-armor weapon is a sight to behold. Watch the curvature of the munition after the Ukrainian soldier fires. That easy accuracy is a game changer for asymmetric warfare warriors.

Google says Javelin is made by a jv of Raytheon and Lockheed-Martin. Are they on your buy list?

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Google says the Warthog antitank killer aircraft is made by Northrup Grumman. Also on your buy list?

Yeah, Paul, I bought all of them and more by purchasing $DFEN last week. I’m averaged up now to $20.49 per share and it closed at $21.64. So, I’m up 5.59%. Normally, I would take profits on a quick rise like this; however, this is a high-probability macro play at this moment.

Other thoughts:

Instead of using the 50 EMA x .97 as my stop loss, I am using the faster 20 EMA X .97 as my stop loss.

Because this is a 3x ETF, I am using this tighter stop loss to protect gains or keep losses small. I will raise this stop/loss daily.

I’m looking at 20 EMA = 20.56 at the close last Friday.

So 20.56 x .97 = 19.94

Meanwhile, if this baby hits double digit gains, I’ll take some off at +10%, 15%, 20% and all out at 25% gain.

I don’t ever take “zero cost shares” in any 3x ETFs or ETNs as the time decay of the underlying options that make these plays possible will eat you alive (and make you lose big if you don’t know your technical analytics and money management.)

What I will probably do - if this trade plays out in my favor - is to take profits, then use T/A to enter the names you just offered. And thank you for that legwork. I’ll see if I can chart them and bring them here.

Raytheon Technologies Corp	20.83
Boeing	                        17.99
Lockheed Martin	                 5.35
Northrop Grumman	         4.78
Transdigm Group	                 4.67
General Dynamics	         4.66
Textron	                         4.62
L3 Harris Technologies	         4.42
Howmet Aerospace Inc	         4.30
AXON Enterprise Inc	         3.62

Since I’m already in $DFEN here are the daily, weekly and monthly charts. I got a feeling I’ll be swing-trading this many times in the near future. I like trading 3x types of ETFs and ETNs. Usually for 3 to 8 day swing trades til I get a double digit gain. But this baby might just continue to cruise upward during the invasion of Ukraine. I do not like supporting Boeing, but it is what it is at the moment. Everything these guys make are needed to beat back the tyrants hiding behind Christo-Fascism and Kleptocracy. #StandByUkraine #PutinWarCriminal

$DFEN Daily, weekly, and monthly charts