$ARDX Now at 52-Week High

Sweet, my order got filled as Satan was trying to kill me with chemo last Wed. Just adding, only 25% there. Chilling on this til the PDUFA comes out


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I added some recently as well. Original small position at $1.90/sh. Now, with additions, a 4.3% share of the portfolio.

I think a double from here is not unreasonable… maybe $7-$8?.. at which point I may get antsy to sell and redeploy into something else.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

Added another 5% on this new stick on the weekly chart now forming:

Note: This is a new 19-month high.

Rob, my first nibble on this one (1 DEC 22) is up 93%

I’ve added on:

22 DEC 22
30 DEC 22
13 JAN 23
17 JAN 23

How about you? This is one very pretty chart:

I’d have to dig through the broker records for dates. All I’ve mentioned on my tracking spreadsheet is that my first purchase was for $1.90 and between two accounts, it’s 4.3% of our total portfolio. That percentage hasn’t budged from five days ago.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

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Added some today on the promising trade setup on the daily. Should this break out to the upside, I’ll add more.

I like how this breakout from the sym triangle has now fallen back inside the pattern and is showing a “hammer” at this moment, which suggests, for just this moment, that a bottom is forming.

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I recently sold all my ARDX so I could buy some SMCI just before earnings.

SMCI doesn’t seem to have much of a moat to my uneducated eye, though they claim they are quite competitive against larger companies. For now, I’ve been content to just look at their results… which are VERY strong. EPS may be able to double to $10/share… pretty nice for a $97 stock.

So far, we’ve done well since earnings and expect to hold our December calls (don’t have any shares) for 1 or 2 more quarters. Bought calls at $18.21 on January 26, now worth $33.30… and I expect that $97 share price to rise quite a bit more in the next quarter or so. It’s about a 10% position.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

Thanks for that quick synopsis, Rob. I’ll chart that up later tonight. Got some physical chores to attend to here at the Magic Ranch.

Nick had a stand-off with a huge rattlesnake today. Had to chase that sucker back into the jungle. Second time in two weeks. I don’t want to shoot that snake because he’s so beautiful and big. Bound to keep the rodent population down here with Nick. I just don’t want Nick to feel all-powerful. Everything out here defers to him now.

He has chased off two neighbor cats who tried to bully him, with just one swipe of his bear claws. (Biggest paws on any cat who has been in my life, and he files them every day.)

Snakes, scorpions, gators by the freshwater lake at the closed quarry, brown recluse spiders, poisonwood trees, and the occasional rabid animal which Florida Wildlife might have to put down means I wear long pants, longsleeve shirts, and Wolverine boots out here in the jungle. So many of these critters are camaflouged better than Army fatigues that I am bound to step on something every once in a while.

These Eastern Rattlesnakes have the prettiest mottling. My guy facing off with Nick is bigger than this rattler here, but this will give you an idea of its beautiful markings.

I think Nick understands this rattler - and gators - are not to be taken on. He’s a very smart cat. Tough as nails. And eventhough he’s the heaviest cat who ever adopted us, this guy’s vertical jump is still being measured. He jumped 8 feet high yesterday to a perch in a tree. Didn’t even bother climbing, in which he’s supremely talented. He’s like a big, goofy mountain goat with big padded feet and sharpened claws, and he’s protective of my wife to the point that I know she’s safe with Nick if I am not around.

One other thing about Nick the Cat: he’s beginning to talk by thanking us for brushing him, or giving him a tummy rub. The guy has the tiniest meow, whereas Razah Boy, my recently departed American Shorthair, talked all the time. Razan could be a 1/10th of a mile away and you could hear him announce, “Yo, I’m coming back home, right down the dirt road. Have my food and water ready.”

Nick, is even more independent than Razah. He’s an explorer. He continues to expand “his” territory at night. We call him “Ghost Cat” because he appears out of nowhere when we are in the yard or jungle. He’s like a King Tiger, always observing, quiet, figuring out if he should pounce or pass. The rattle is what kept him from pouncing both times on our rattler. I kid you not, this snake out here is about twice as thick as this one seen here. I think he’s been feasting on the iguanas and geckos.