$JEPI - JP Morgan Equity Premium ETF - Pays Monthly Dividends

This is a relatively new monthly dividend paying ETF from JP Morgan (whose trading floor hasn’t had a down day all year.)

This is one I add to weekly along with 9 or 10 other monthly dividend payers. This is a sweet way to play the strongest S&P 500 divvy payers in all eleven sectors.

I am not a financial advisor, yada, yada. Do your own dd and to help you down that road, here’s a look at the dividend history and its holdings along with the charts:

Monthly Dividend Payout History

Holdings list as of 18 NOV 22


I just learned about this ETF. I found this brief article. It explains how the volatility of the markets this year have made the yield of this ETF higher (has worked out well for the options the fund managers do, if I understand things correctly).

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End of day Friday, 25 NOV 22 $JEPI daily, weekly, and monthly charts

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They are writing calls against their positions to achieve the high dividends.