Six Monthly Dividend Payers I Add To on Fridays

Every week, end of week on Fridays, I buy the exact same dollar amount of shares for the following six dividend payers.

These six names pay monthly dividends.

One of my criteria is the administrative fees cannot be over .50 for any one ETF.

I’ve been buying these names weekly since first week of June 2022 and I blindly buy these every week on Fridays. Here they are alphabetically.

Each of these charts tell you the annual dividends and what that yields. (See lime-green boxes I’ve placed at top of each chart.) Of course, no two years’ dividends are the same as some companies lower dividends, while others held by the ETF are raised. We are simply working off the last 12 months of dividends.

When the dividends pay out, I set them up to reinvest in the same symbol every month like clockwork. So this is dollar cost averaging on Fridays WITH dividends reinvested once a month.

Horizontal lime-green lines on these charts show my avg. share cost “break-even” since beginning my buy of these six every Friday since first week of June. I move those lines accordingly on my charts every Monday due to dollar cost averaging on Fridays.

$DHS daily chart

$DIV daily chart

$KWBD daily chart

$PGX daily chart

$SDIV daily chart

$SPHD daily chart

p.s. Some of these I will be day-trading this week in separate accounts. You will notice which ones are breaking out from long down trendlines, or which look set to do just that today or maybe this week.

These are slowly becoming my fave plays of each week. Not really plays, just adding more chips to my stash of “free shares” I get from successful trades of other stuff.

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