JN-1 now fastest spreading Covid variant



Get that booster shot!

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What is happening with the Covid death rate? Hospitalization rate?

Before vaccines if you tested positive you were sent home and monitored to see if serious symptoms developed. Most recovered with little assistance.

Now if you test positive, they seem eager to bring you in for the latest antiviral treatment. Is that necessary? Or are they merely running up the bills on your insurance for one of those famous drug company junkets?

Is JN-1 a serious threat to your health or just another drug marketing campaign?

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We will only find out over the US winter/spring.

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Depends on the individual. It can be necessary. Age on this board some of us need boosters. Others just like not having as bad a case if boosted.

Most of the time Covid is a common cold.


If enough people already have it that they named it, why don’t they know anything about severity yet??? If it’s really bad, like Delta was, then a lot more people would be rushing out to get a new booster!!!

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Some cases are acute. True for anything.

Otherwise, this is a common cold.

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The article is literally labelled “what-to-know-about-jn-1” and doesn’t mention anything about severity or symptoms or really much of anything about the thing itself!



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Or, rather, it would be if Covid were caused by any of the viruses responsible for the common cold. Except it’s not. It’s caused by the SARS CoV-2 virus…which viroloogists are able to distinguish from said common cold viruses even if sufferers, from symptoms alone, cannot.


The problem it is a corona virus which is not a cold virus like the rhinovirus. So there are two classes of colds. Corona viruses are more likely to be deadly. There were or are some 200 corona viruses. They hide in with the common cold most of the time.

On a technicality you are correct. I will say I am wrong.

But and this is important. When Covid with Omicron whittled down to not much for most people…it became a cold virus. Just not a rhinovirus which is the real common cold. Very true but splitting some hairs.

One of the reasons it is splitting some hairs for centuries before testing a coronavirus and rhinovirus were lumped together by doctors. That is also the definition of a common cold.

@VeeEnn I’m curious now. COVID is a corona (SARS?) virus, and the common cold is a Rhino virus. What is the flu? I know there are usually a few variants each year, but what is their class of virus? (I could try searching some more, but too much junk is coming up) Influenza virus maybe?

But now we know better…lay public as well as doctors (or should do) Virology has come a long way over the last century (singular)…especially over the last few decades. There’s little excuse to be using outdated understanding to argue that a virus…any virus…is something it’s not.

Covid-19 is caused by variants of SARS CoV-2…not any of the viruses that cause the common cold

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In the doctors office without testing it is still a common cold. Meaning we test for Covid but not the other coronas.

Tip of my hat to dad he did not go technical unnecessarily on his patients when older English terms had meaning. He aimed to discuss things in terms that were deeper in the culture if supportable.

You are right but you need to get into that with a patient if you are a PCP? (“you” generic pcp)

DH was offered Paxlovid when we got the virus in September. The list of side effects they told him about encouraged him to pass. He got over his bout just fine, but if I had known I would have long Covid for almost 4 months, I might have considered it.

From the article: The CDC also warned that in the past four weeks, hospitalizations for Covid-19 have risen 51%.



Glad to hear that about your dad…it behooves every clinician to do the same. I can certainly attest from experience of close to 4 decades at the orifice that it’s a valuable skill to be able to translate technical knowledge into an understandable language without sacrificing accuracy.

However, we’re not in a clinical setting, are we…it’s best not to let such reminiscences deflect from the reality that Covid-19 is caused by SARS CoV-2 and thus is not the common cold. For all the similarities the variants may share with some of the cold viruses, there are characteristics unique to SARS CoV-2 that have the potential to cause far more severe and lasting symptoms than are ever seen with the common cold.


Any definitive diagnosis on your arrhythmia?

The problem with that we test at home or in the doctor’s office only for Covid 19.

If you have a cold? You might have any other of the 199 coronaviruses or rhinoviruses. In everyday colds at home, you have no idea. You do know you have the common cold.

Until you test for the rhinovirus you do not know you have the common cold. LOL Just teasing the logic out.

Approaches to medicine are playing the odds. Call it a common cold and be done with it.

Yes. The flu is caused by an influenza virus. These viruses do mutate very rapidly also. Certainly from year to year…and oftentimes within a season.

This rapid viral evolution is fairly characteristic of single strand rna viruses with a high replication rate. For a fair bit of the last couple of decades or so, my husband’s research has been on Hepatitis C…specifically viral evolution so, although not a respiratory disease (thank gawd), a good many of the principles are sort of the same. With this little bugger, the evolution was so rapid, it was almost within a 24 hour time frame.



You can call it a common cold if you choose. I prefer not to look like an ignoramus when I have a choice.