Jonnie's Bar & Grille

Hey Home Fools -

I’m under the impression that many of my fellow Fools don’t do a lot of drinkin’ in their spare time. Most of you are concerned with your health and I applaud that.

I used to be a bartender in my early twenties and loved the interaction with folks that would “belly up to the bar”. I’ve met lots of nice people that way - also scored a lot of girls back then as well! But that was then, this is now…

We had a large addition built onto our original home about 25 years ago and it was originally built as an indoor spa area where we had a Hot Springs spa with a custom built mahogany surround with a small bar along the side. That lasted about 10 years until the spa had a major leak, and we decided to dump that spa and buy a new one which has its home outside attached to our deck. With the hot tub out of the room, I decided to build a nice bar area and it has evolved over the past 8-9 years to my “happy place” where we entertain company (not too often) and I hang out evenings with a cocktail and watch the sun set over the lake that we live on.

We just finished a refresh of the bar area with some new “soft seating” furniture, new flooring and a clear epoxy finish on the bar. It came out great. Thought I’d share…

→ still loves to make awesome drinks with fresh ingredients and entertain friends.


I could hang in that room all day! Beautiful view. what state is that?


Thanks! We live in the southeastern area of MA. Twenty miles south of Boston.


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Wow, that’s a beautiful room! I especially love the foliage inside and the red top on the pool table.

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Love it Packard. That is one gorgeous room and the area you are in is top notch. Loved Boston running all over checking out the history. Also Samuel Adams wasn’t a bad place to spend some time.



Amazing and very good looking.

That is fantastic! Well done…