Just saying... not that it will happen but could

We may get a rally year-end, 1/3rd of DOW components are actually positive for YTD and another 13% are down < 10% and apple is down only 12.3%.

So brace yourself for a potential face-ripping rally.

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If post WWII history is a good predictor then the election will lead to a nice rally too.

The stagflationary era of the 1970s had several face-ripping rallies followed by hideous plunges. The market as a whole didn’t bottom until 1982.

So you might be right, but could you respond fast enough if the rally turns bad?


I don’t know whether there will be a rally or subsequent decline. I am looking at how I am positioned and where I should make changes. I opportunistically trade a lot, and uses options. Of course that doesn’t guarantee you will be able to navigate quickly.