Kaja Kallas talks tough about Putin and Russia

Estonia’s Prime Minister Kaja Kallas talks tough about Putin and Russia - she has become one of Europe’s toughest voices against Russia for its war in Ukraine.

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Kaja Kallas, now 44, grew up in the Soviet Union, which had annexed her country, Estonia, after World War II. She remembers the Soviet occupation and a visit to East Berlin in 1988, when she was 11, and her father told her to “breathe in the air of freedom” from West Berlin. And she remembers the stories of 1949, when her mother, Kristi, then a baby, was deported to Siberia in a cattle car with her own mother and grandmother and lived in exile there until she was 10 - part of Moscow’s effort to wipe out Estonia’s elite.

Ms. Kallas made it clear that Ukraine’s destiny must be up to Ukrainians to decide. But simply suing for peace with Mr. Putin would be a mistake at this stage, she believes, rewarding his aggression. She argues forcefully instead that Russia must be seen to lose its war against Ukraine, so that history - that of her family and her country - is not repeated elsewhere.

Much as the Soviets not only occupied but annexed Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania - and much as the Russians annexed Crimea in 2014 - Moscow, she and others warn, will do the same to large parts of southern and eastern Ukraine if given the chance, with grave consequences.

Peace can not be the ultimate goal. We had peace after the Second World War, but the atrocities for our people started or continued then citing mass deportations, killings of the elite and trying to erase our culture and our language.

There are some in Europe, including important business executives, who want the war in Ukraine over as quickly as possible, given the sharp increases in the price of energy, grain, cooking oil and countless other items leading to record inflation, in part caused by Europe’s harsh sanctions on Russia.


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